Frequently Asked Questions

How does Contend know the answer to my legal question?

Contend is an artificial intelligence system built by lawyers and legal experts. It is extensively trained and tested to think like a lawyer and give accurate legal advice.

How accurate are Contend’s answers?

Very accurate! Contend is built by lawyers and legal experts, and is regularly tested to maintain high accuracy. However, it is important to know that any artificial intelligence system isn’t perfect, and like a human lawyer, can make occasional errors.

Is a human lawyer answering my questions?

No, Contend is an artificial intelligence that is trained like a lawyer. While you are chatting with Contend, you are not communicating with a human lawyer, but it certainly feels like it!

Also, Contend is smart enough to know when you need a human lawyer for a more complicated issue, and is able to help you find one if necessary.