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Learn about how Contend’s AI legal assistant has helped everyday people in the UK resolve their legal issues.

Housing Help

L.W.'s success story

L.W., a single mother and an immigrant from Eastern Europe living near Birmingham, faced a challenging situation when she received a Section 21 notice of eviction. With the prospect of finding a new home for herself and her child, she felt the need for reliable legal advice.

During her search for assistance, L.W. discovered Contend, and decided to reach out.

“From the moment I connected with Contend Legal, I felt reassured,” L.W. recalls…

“It assisted me with drafting letters and preparing for meetings, which made me feel much more confident.”

Fighting Unfair Bills

D.A.'s success story

D.A., a resident of central London, was surprised and frustrated when he received a bill for £1500 from an energy company he had used at a previous home. Believing the charge to be an error, he felt uncertain about how to contest it effectively. Looking for a quick and reliable solution, D.A. turned to Contend, an online chat service that provides affordable legal advice.

“Using Contend was a straightforward process,” D.A. recalls…

“Using Contend was a straightforward process. They listened to my situation and immediately knew how to help.”

Unfair Traffic Tickets

I.L.'s success story

I.L., a resident near Cambridge, faced a frustrating experience when they received a court summons for a traffic violation they didn’t commit. The alleged offence occurred when I.L. wasn’t even in their vehicle, adding to the absurdity of the situation. Uncertain of how to effectively challenge the charge, I.L. turned to Contend, an online service offering affordable legal help.

Right from the start, I.L. found the experience with Contend to be smooth and reassuring…

“Contend made what could have been a very stressful process incredibly easy and stress-free. Their expertise and efficiency were invaluable.”

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