Cookies Policy

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that is downloaded onto your device when you visit a website. Cookies do a lot of useful things that improve your experience of using the website. Your computer needs to remember information you need it to remember, such as your username, address, payment information and what you have in your shopping cart. It uses cookies to do this. Cookies come in different types – we’ve explained this in more detail below. If you want to read more about cookies, you can check out the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) website.

By using Contend, you agree to the following types of cookies being placed on your device:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies – These cookies make the Contend website and platform work. These cookies are needed so that you can move around and use the Contend website and platform. They help us to remember things like what you’ve done on the platform before and whether you are logged in.
  2. Performance cookies – These cookies improve the performance of the Contend website and platform. They collect information about how the Contend website and platform are used. This includes the pages visitors go to the most, and if visitors get error messages from web pages. These cookies are anonymous. They help us to manage errors and the performance and design of the Contend website and platform.
  3. Functionality cookies – These cookies save you time by remembering your user name and settings.
  4. Third party cookies – We might use tracking pixels from third parties. These gather information about how you use the Contend website and platform, which can be used for tailored advertising and measuring the success of advertising campaigns. This means that the third party might put their own cookies in your browser. The use of such cookies is subject to the third parties’ own privacy policies.
  1. You can choose to ignore the cookies notification on the home page of Contend, and continue to use the website without consenting. 
  2. You can also manage cookies by amending the controls on your internet browser. This should allow you to block specific cookies; and get notifications when cookies are set.